1 500.00 – 1 500.00 gamelordOnly few can achieve this ultimate honor. Whoever holds this rank stands above all and has achieved the highest Game Hostel honor. All hail the king of gamers!
XP: 1500.00 – 1500.00

Alpha 901.00 – 1499.00An Alpha is a gamer who holds the most power and commands respect! Whoever holds this rank has what it takes to be the Game Lord!
XP: 901.00 – 1499.00

Champion 701.00 – 900.00Definitely a winner, who ever holds this rank has shown beyond reasonable doubt that he/she is a champion who stands above the rest and have worked hard to prove their worth in gaming.
XP: 701.00 – 900.00

Grand Master 501.00 – 700.00Checkmate! It takes hard work, ambition and dedication to be considered Game Hostel’s Grand Master. Only the dedicated ever achieve this honor, so be sure to show your respect.
XP: 501.00 – 700.00

Master 301.00 – 500.00Who ever holds this rank is seen as a Master, one who features consummate skill and is seen as a great figure. A Master is the true authority figure in the community.
XP: 301.00 – 500.00

Professional 102.00 – 300.00 Passionate gamers deserved to be recognized for their determination and commitment to Game Hostel. Whoever holds this rank is by no doubt, a pro!
XP: 102.00 – 300.00

Contender 91.00 – 101.00Contenders are driven by success. Whoever holds this rank separates themselves from the average with their determination and zeal to win.
XP: 91.00 – 101.00

Player 71.00 – 90.00A gamer who has graduated from being just a Recruit. A Player understands the importance of in-depth gaming and aims to be better.
XP: 71.00 – 90.00

recruit 51.00 – 70.00A Recruit is a gamer who has decided to join Game Hostel. Whoever holds this rank will have to perform enough to prove themselves a Game Hostel veteran.
XP: 51.00 – 70.00

newbie 0.00 - 50.00You have to start somewhere! Newbie may not be the highest ranking, but it is the first step to becoming a Game Lord. Continue participating in the community and earn points to rise to the top!
XP: 0.00 – 50.00


gamer111We have a new member! We welcome you to Game Hostel with open arms. Game Hostel is fun, gamers can’t stay away from this social network for too long. You earned this badge when you register on Game Hostel.

PassionatePassionate gamers deserved to be recognized for their determination and commitment in gaming. This badge is awarded when you; Visit Game Hostel x 80, Have 40 friends, Send 40 messages, Upload a profile photo, Start a new forum x 5, Create 10 forum topics and Reply x 20 to a forum.


8E73Group Leader

A Leader has emerged, a Group Leader is recognized by the community based on how active they are in groups. This badge is earned for; Creating new group x 10, Starting new forum topic in a group x 90, Joining Group x 20, Creating new forum post in a group x 100, Uploading an avatar for a group x 10 and New group cover photo x 10

Chief editor A hard core gamer, is an expert who takes pride in not only gaming, but also providing insightful tips and articles to the community. This badge is earned for publishing content x 60.

2345Game HostelerNeed we say more? You are the community’s biggest star. This badge is earned for; Registring on Game Hostel, Visiting Game Hostel x 100, Publishing content x 100, Changing your profile photo x 1, Changing profile cover image x 1, Having x 100 friends, New profile comment x 200, adding x 100 activities to favorites, Creating x 5 new groups, Uploading x 20 group over images, New group forum topic x 20, Joining x 10 groups, New group avatar x 5, New group cover photo x 5, Starting x 10 new forums, New forum topic x 10 and New reply on forum x 10.

878Game boyHey Game Boy, can we ever get tired of rewarding you? Nope.. we are working on several other ranks and badges, they’ll pop up sooner than you expect.


We're either probably playing a game right now or busy in one of the groups! But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, as fast as possible.


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