Questions about using Game Hostel can be answered here. Please don’t hesistate to contact us and have a customer support representative assist you. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter or read our blog to get the latest news about Game Hostel.

At Game Hostel people use their authentic identities. To keep this community safe we require everyone to provide the first and last names they use in everyday life so that you always know who you’re connecting with.

Please ensure you don’t add any of these to your name:

  • Symbols, numbers, unusual capitalization, repeating characters or punctuation
  • Offensive or suggestive words of any kind
  • Titles of any kind (ex: professional, religious)
  • Words or phrases in place of a name

Additionally, nicknames can be used as a first or middle name if they’re a variation of your authentic name. Please note, that pretending to be anything or anyone isn’t allowed.

At a glace Game Hostel might seem confusing to you, but as time goes on you will appreciate the layout because it was made to suit your needs giving you the power to view whatever you want to. After registration, the first page you will come across is the “Hostel Activity”, this is the activity of all members in Game Hostel; Newly registered members, new updates and feeds, new friendships made, groups joined, avatars uploaded and others, you can personalize this to display only what you want through the query button, by default it is set to “Show Everything” you can change this to show only updates, new friendships, posts and others. Additionally you can specify the activities of who you want to view; all members (displays activities of all members), following (displays only activities of your friends), my friends (displays only activities of those you follow), my groups (displays only activities of the groups you belong to) , my favorites (displays only activities you marked as favorites). Hope this helped 😉

Editing your profile details is super easy, just head to your profile details page, click profile, then click edit. Additionally you can change your profile photo and cover image here.

To change your email and password, head to your profile, click the plus sign to reveal additional fields, followed by settings, after the changes are made, save.

To change your email notifications and profile visibility, head to your profile, click the plus sign to reveal additional fields, followed by settings, click on “Email” to setup notifications and “Profile Visibility” to control what others can see about you.

To send a message, click on your profile > Messages > Compose, additionally you can click on a members profile after expanding it (click the plus (+) icon by the top right) click on “Private Message”. Please note, unless you choose to send a “Private message” to a user, you can only send messages to those you’ve added as friends. When you type a name in the field provided for names, a list appears (Auto-complete) predicting the friends you want to send the message to based on their unique names or usernames, click on the name. In essence, if “Halo” is my friend typing “Ha” reveals Halo and other similar names, all i need do is click the name and send the message. But if i haven’t added “Halo” as a friend i wont be able to send him a message via this means unless i head over to his profile and then click “Private message”. Additionally don’t use “@” symbol just the username or name.

We’ve provided a space where you can upload files, note for now you an only upload .rar and zipped files. To achieve this, goto your profile, click on the more sign (+) to reveal more fields, then click “Storage Space”. From the options you can upload a new file, create a new folder, select multiple files to delete, and view the stats of the files uploaded. Additionally you can protect your files by using a password and also restrict the files to certain members of the community.

Creating a group is super easy! (Note, “My Group(s)” shows the group(s) you joined, you cant create a group by going there) to create a group click on groups (found under ‘Community’ or the side menu under ‘Home’) from groups page click on “Create a Group” all activities of a public group will be displayed within the Hostel Activity on the front page, but private groups remain hidden. Follow the instruction as you create the group, you will be given the option to choose between a private and a public group.

Earning points is easy!… (I think) you earn points and badges by participating in all necessary activities in the community, some points are earned by simply commenting, others by taking part in a higher task. Badges will be awarded when the task specified is completed. Your rank increases based on the points you’ve gained.

You can write articles, should you feel like doing so, you remain the sole owner of articles published by you and can delete or modify the article(s) provided in any way. Within your profile click on the + symbol, followed by “Articles”. You will be directed to a page within your profile showing; Published, Under Review, Draft and New Article, click on new article, after writing the article click on ““, when we go through your article and confirm it is in line with our standards, the article will be published, stating you as the author. Please note, we only allow articles related to gaming and do not guarantee your articles will be published on Game Hostel, well of course unless you hit us with a nice one.

Although we’re doing our best to keep this network bug-free, some will inevitably pop up for us to squash. If you happen to spot one, we would appreciate it if you reach us concerning it, you can do so by sending us a mail about it. Thanks!

If any of your questions haven’t been answered, please check out our forums, you could get answers to what you are looking for there, or reach out directly to our customer support team.


We're either probably playing a game right now or busy in one of the groups! But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, as fast as possible.


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